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Raven - Lightweight

Raven - Lightweight

Raven - Lightweight


Trail building can be a bit of a dance, right? Swing, pull, repeat. It’s easy to get in a groove but what happens when you start to feel the burn? At Shapeshifter, we’ve got a smarter way for you to tackle those longer days. 

Say hello to the Lightweight Raven, our trusty Pulaski in the Lightweight Collection. It’s got all the same great features as our Full Size Raven, but let’s just say we’ve made it more forgiving. Equipped with a slimmer handle and slightly smaller head to lighten the load, don't think this tool is any less tough than the FS, because her edges are sharp and she can cut deep. Great for corridor work or that first pass, the Lightweight Raven will keep you going longer than you thought you could. Just don’t forget to pack a flashlight because, let’s face it, after falling in love with this tool, you might end up being the last one on the trail!

Designed with a lightweight 39” hickory handle, this tool is easy to maneuver in rugged terrain. The hoe features a 4” blade with a 5” depth to handle meanwhile the axe sports a 4” blade with a 4” depth to handle, ready to handle obstacles in your path. Using T400 steel, this tool’s head can withstand the demands of trail building. Plus, it’s only 5.1 lbs so it won't slow you down as you create perfect trails.

If you need a little more tool as you bench, reach for our Full Size Grizzly, the 5.5” hoe blade is sure to remove whatever is in your way.

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Product Type:
Hoe / Axe

4" x 11.5"

Hardened T400 Steel

Handle Type:
Lightweight 39" Hickory Handle

5.1 lb / 2.3 kg

1 year materials & workmanship


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
josh carruthers
Pretty awesome tool

Handle is a bit lightweight feeling, but overall the tool works amazing. Very effective for cutting roots.

Michael Meagher
Raven and Orca Light

Great looking tools and fast shipping

Nick Baumann

Amazing service and the tools are made by people who work

Lynn Klein
Another great tool for our trail building. At some point our tool trailer will be full of Shapesh...

Outstanding product

Bryan McBain
Sundre Trails

Very easy to control and is wicked on roots

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