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Shape Shifter Tools

The Raven - Light

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This is a lighter weight and slimmed down version of our Full Size Raven. We nicknamed our lighter versions "honey badgers" because they are small but still kick ass! 

Choose the Raven Light for those longer days or if you prefer a lighter weight tool. 

Use the axe side for cutting roots and logs, then pull them away with the hook. Flip it over to use as a hoe that is great for cutting perfect benches and moving massive amounts of material. If you want to move even more material, check out the Full Size Raven.


Product Details:

  • Hoe - 5" blade / 7" depth to handle
  • Axe - 4" blade / 4" depth to handle 

  • Lighter weight 39" Hickory handle


  • 1/4" T-400 hardened steel