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T400 Steel

A key feature of our tools is T400 steel. All of our heads have been equipped with T400 plates, a pliable iron that can withstand high impact vibration. Commonly used for the beds of dump trucks, this hardwearing iron plate gets the job done whether you're picking rocks or tearing through roots. T400 steel also boasts longevity as it fights temperature wear, adhesive wear, and corrosion. Long lasting and shock preventative – what more could you ask for?

Hickory and Ash Handles

When deciding what material would be best to use for our handles, we were instantly drawn to hickory and ash, here is why. All of our striking handles come equipped with Hickory handles. This decision was made based on Hickory’s durability and strength which matters most for a striking tool. Alternatively, we’ve used Ash for our round handled tools. All of these tools you will notice are better equipped for pulling jobs i.e., raking. Both handles provide comfort and facilitate efficiency based on their intended purpose. We also chose Hickory and Ash for their shock absorbing capabilities. Whether it be trail work, landscaping or firefighting, all of these jobs are demanding, so having the right tools that will help you to avoid the threat of additional bodily strain is important.

Powder Coating

From the beginning, Shapeshifter wanted to offer something different for those looking to expand their quiver of hand tools. It was our hope to share a product with customers that was reflective of the good times had out on the trail and that is why we chose to powdercoat our tool heads in an array of colors. All of our tools have been coloured using durable and colorful powder coating. We hope you enjoy their fun features as much as we do.

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