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Raven - Full Size

Raven - Full Size

Raven - Full Size

Do pesky logs and roots haunt your dreams too? In that case it's time to take matters into your own hands and not settle for any old tool to get the job done. Introducing the Full Size Raven, your new best friend for benching, cutting, and removing anything that stands in your way.

The Raven Full Size is our take on the classic Pulaski. Featured includes a razor-sharp hoe, perfect for creating flawless benches. An axe that means serious business. And to top it all off, we’ve added a hook to help you pull away logs effortlessly. Say farewell to the trail obstructions that have been testing your patience for days because the Raven isn’t just a tool; it’s your wingman for getting things done efficiently.

The Full Size Raven comes equipped with a sturdy 39” hickory handle designed for durability and control. The hoe blade is 5” wide with a 5” depth to handle meanwhile the axe features a 4” blade and 4.5” depth to handle. Crafted with T400 steel and weighing 6.7 lbs the Full Size Raven is a resilient Pulaski like no other.

Pairs Well With: 

So you’ve chopped up the log that’s been in your way for days, now what? We recommend reaching for a Full or Lightweight Timberwolf, this multi-tool can clear up any debris your chopping has left you with.

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Product Type:
Hoe / Axe

5" x 11.75"

Hardened T400 Steel

Handle Type:
39" Hickory Handle

6.7 lb / 3 kg

1 year materials & workmanship


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Gordon Nettleton
Canadian Trail tool

Ordering and pick up of tools was flawless. I have only used the Raven three days and it works very well. I love the option of a longer handle. I hope they are as rugged as they look. So far so good

Lisa Rae
Raven Love

Just bought the Raven, my third Shape Shifter tool for work on trials trails. Really appreciate the precision afforded in tight spots.

josh carruthers
Amazing tool

Incredibly effective tool. Cuts roots/trees better than any pulaski Ive used before. Super robust feeling handle

Ryan Harvey

A much better version of a traditional Pulaski for trail building.

Jeff Gysler

Amazing tools, works wonders on the trails I've worked on so far. Beyond expectations!