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The Best Trail Building Tools


At Shapeshifter Tool Co, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional hand tools for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Based in Whistler B.C., a mecca for mountain biking, you don’t need to look far for inspiration when it comes to trail building. And that's where this whole journey started. Being surrounded by world-class trails, the team at Shapeshifter was inspired to create a line of tools that could keep up. And so, Shapeshifter was born. A hand tool company with a goal to create strong and durable hand tools.

Beyond crafting hand tools originally intended for trail builders, our line up was quickly recognized by landscapers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. And in the summer of 2023, when B.C. was faced with the worst summer for wildfires to date we recognized just how many roles these versatile tools could fill. We take immense pride in offering tools that can contribute not only to trail building but also protecting and preserving Canada’s landscapes.


At Shapeshifter, we’re passionate about hand tools, we’re passionate about building community, and we’re passionate about making something that lasts. So please, join us on this exciting journey, and let our tools be the trusted, reliable choice you reach for in your outdoor adventures.