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Shape Shifter Tools

The Grizzly - light

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This is a lighter weight version of our Grizzly Fullsize

One side with a powerful rake that won't get hung up on all the little things, and on the other a sharp hoe for sinking into the ground and moving massive amounts of material. 

Like a grizzly, this trail building hoe / fire rake has claws that can tear through anything in its path and an edge as aggressive as a grizzly attack. We aren't surprised to see this tool has quickly won the hearts of the best trail builders in the world. 

Product Details - Light

  • Fire Rake - 5" wide / 2.5" depth to handle
  • Hoe Blade - 4.5" wide / 3" depth to handle 
  • Lighter weight 39"  hickory handle


  • Hardened T-400 steel
  • Ergonomic curve