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Shape Shifter Tools

The Orca - Lightweight

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This is the Lightweight version of our Full Size Orca which features a more narrow handle. Our Lightweight Collection is meant for those longer days swinging a tool, or for those that prefer a lighter weight tool. 

Being the Apex predator it is, known for obliterating any prey it sets its sights on, we respectfully named our trail carving machine after this top-tier native of British Columbia. Use the wider hoe side of our tool for powerful excavation. Faced with the awkwardness of a tighter space? No worries, our thinner pick feature can tear through those smaller spaces. 

Product Details - Lightweight

  • Hoe Blade - 5" wide / 2.5" depth to handle
  • Pick Blade - 1.5"  wide / 3" depth to handle
  • Lightweight 39" Hickory Handle 
  • 4.7 lbs / 2.1 kg


  • Hardened T-400 steel
  • Ergonomic curve for optimum body posture and energy transfer