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Shapeshifter Tools

Wildcat - Lightweight

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This is the Lightweight version of our Full Size Wildcat which features a more narrow handle. Our Lightweight Collection is meant for those longer days swinging a tool, or for those that prefer a lighter weight tool. 

BC’s very own Wildcat, the Cougar, is known for taking down its prey with its massive claws and finishing it off clean. That’s why we named this powerful finishing tool after such a powerful creature. 

Used for pulling debris off your work area and getting dirt where you need it, the teeth are designed to grab what you want without getting hung up on roots and rocks that might clog up a traditional rake. Flip this tool over for an ultimate finishing touch with its flattening feature. 

Product Details - Lightweight 

  • Fire Rake - 9"x4" 
  • Classic Handle - 48" Hickory Handle   
  • 4.4 lbs / 2 kg


  • Hardened T400 Steel